What is it?

BCC2020 will finish with an online CollaborationFest, a two (or four) day collaborative work event where our community gathers virtually to contribute code, documentation, training materials, and challenging analysis problems and use cases. If you are interested in learning and contributing in an intensely collaborative environment, then CollaborationFest is for you.

As with BCC2020 training and conference, CollaborationFest will be held twice: once in its original Toronto time zone, and again 12 hours later in the Eastern hemisphere. There will be core communities during both windows, but we are also exploring other options for coordinating efforts continuously.

Core and Encore

CollaborationFest is split in half into two separate two-day sessions:

  • CollaborationFest: Core: Wednesday July 22 - Thursday July 23 in the West window, Thursday July 23 - Friday July 24 in the East window: There will be lots of collaborative work, but also lots of learning about projects and software. This will be the larger of the two stages. All you need to attend this is an interest and willingness to contribute.

  • CollaborationFest: Encore: Friday July 24 - Saturday July 25 in the West window, Saturday July 25 - Sunday July 26 in the East window: The smaller (and dare we say more intense) of the two stages, these two days will focus on collaboration, collaboration, collaboration.


CollaborationFest is free for all four days. You still need to register (and select either 2 or 4 days).

Preparing for CoFest

  1. Introduce yourself and indicate your preferred working clusters
  2. Contribute to the cluster ideas document, defining what we’d like to accomplish during CoFest. Clusters are how we break ourselves up into smaller manageable groups to get things done.
  3. Sign up for the Bioinformatics Community Conference Discord Chat. #cofest-home is the our main channel and if you go to #conference-desk and register you’ll get permissions to see all the other breakout rooms. Initial pre-CoFest discussion will happen here.
  4. Join the CoFest Remo space where we’ll have real time video conversations during CoFest.

Code of Conduct

The CollaborationFest is a welcoming, friendly environment and all interactions are expected to follow the Bioinformatics Community Conference Code of Conduct. Please report questions, concerns or issues to any of the CollaborationFest organizers.

CoFest Organizers

Dannon Baker

Brad Chapman

Peter Cock

Frederik Coppens

Maria Doyle

Simon Gladman

Michael Heuer

Alexander Peltzer

Torsten Seemann

Beatriz Serrano-Solano

Harpreet Singh

Nicola Soranzo