About BCC

Bioinformatics Community Conference is a combination of two existing conferences: the Bioinformatics Open Source Conference, hosted by the Open Bioinformatics Foundation, and the Galaxy Community Conference, hosted by Galaxy. The two organizations first joined forces in 2018 for GCCBOSC 2018, after noticing that there was high overlap between the communities. BCC2020 is the second joint conference, and offers opportunities for learning and networking that would not be possible in separate conferences.

Host Organizations

The team

The team behind BCC is a combination of OBF, Galaxy, and OICR members, along with community members that generously donate their time to review abstracts, chair sessions, and review the program.


Dave Clements

Nomi Harris


Michelle Brazas

Dave Clements

Peter Cock

Frederik Coppens

Chris Fields

Nomi Harris

Mo Heydarian

Karsten Hokamp

Monica Munoz-Torres

Morgan Taschuk

Jenn Vessio

Heather Wiencko

Denis Yuen