BCC2020 registration postponed due to COVID-19 uncertainty

We are postponing opening registration for the 2020 Bioinformatics Community Conference (BCC2020).

We are considering several options for BCC2020

  1. Open registration at a later date when the situation is clearer (and assuming things look better).

    If we do this, it will be no later than two months in advance of the conference (May 18). Early registration rates will still be available for at least two weeks. We realize that the longer we wait the more negatively this will affect people requiring visas or travel approval.

  2. Re-implement BCC2020 as an entirely virtual event

    We are actively considering this option. In this scenario, everything would happen on-line on the originally scheduled dates (July 18-25). Registration would be inexpensive (just enough to cover our live-streaming and web hosting costs).

  3. Cancel BCC2020 outright

    Ideally, this option would be exercised before registration opens. However, it could also happen after registration opens, due to a changing situation, or to Canada, Ontario, the city of Toronto, or the University of Toronto unilaterally cancelling the event. If this were to happen, we would refund registrations minus a provider processing fee.


Given the lead times required for review, abstract submission will likely open in the coming weeks. We are still planning on an April 17 abstract submission deadline, but will let you know if that changes

We will keep you posted, and please let us know if you have questions or suggestions.

Thank you for your understanding.

BCC2020 Organizers